Your Sleeping Position Has Great or Harmful Effects to Your Health

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Identify the benefits and harmful effects of your sleeping position to your health

Sleeping is the most effective time wherein the can regain its strength after a very long day. It is the time when cells regenerate and prepare the whole body for the next battle. People in the medical field always emphasize the importance of a very good quality of sleep to our health as a whole. Even our parents made us believe a childhood cliché that if we sleep during the afternoon siesta time, we will grow taller. Well, it may have a scientific basis because the production of growth hormones increases when we are asleep.

Did you know that even our sleeping position is equally important? As also featured on, sleeping on your left, right or even turned supine and bowed down; they all have benefits and harmful effects to your body. Read them below and you might want to start practicing the good one.

  • Sleeping on your back is not beneficial for those who have asthma or difficulty in breathing. It can suppress your air passages and could cause worse effects to the body’s exchange of air.
  • Sleeping at your right side has harmful effects on your digestive tract. It is because of the position of your stomach.
  • On the other side, sleeping on your left has great effects. It can help in detoxification and excrete harmful toxins in the body.


If you are used to sleeping on your right, try the other side and put a pillow at your back. Do this every night until it becomes a habit. You also need to be careful about the light and sounds in your room while sleeping. Lights on and disturbing sounds may affect the quality of your sleep and may result in a more serious problem in the long run.

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