Your Sleeping Position During Pregnancy Has Effects to the Health of your Baby

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The effects of sleeping position during pregnancy to your baby’s health.

A baby is a blessing. It is a fulfillment of a lady’s womanhood and a man’s capability to be a father. Every couple is doing everything to make sure that the baby will be healthy from the time of conception. The mother’s total health is the biggest factor which may affect the infant’s condition inside the womb. Whatever she does may be felt or obtain by the baby, so she needs consistent follow-up check-ups of a medical doctor.

But, did you know that a pregnant woman’s sleeping position has also pros and cons in the baby’s well-being? The sleeping position has great effects in the organs and processes inside, which are directly impacting the infant who is also inside the body. So before you regret it, learn how your sleeping position may be beneficial or dangerous to your son or daughter.


Sleeping Face Down

  • This might be safe during the first three months, but obviously risky afterward.

Lying on Your Back

  • This is likewise safe in the first three months, but as your pregnancy progresses, you’re the fetus become bigger and your tummy as well. It might suppress your spine and clasp the veins bringing your blood back your heart, which may cause irregular blood flow and therefore dangerous for you and your baby.

Facing Right Side

  • According to medical practitioners, sleeping at this position may cause your liver to receive additional pressure, which is why it is not recommended.

Facing Left Side

  • This is the most advised sleeping position for pregnant women or even to everyone. It promotes proper blood circulation which may help in proper delivery or oxygen to every cell of your body and to your baby as well. It may increase the size of your body and does not put extra weight on your internal organs and veins. But then, you need to switch from this side to the other, and the go back to the left side again after a few minutes, to impose balance in blood flow and body weight throughout the relaxation time.

If you find it hard to create a very sound sleep, you may follow these tips.

  1. To maintain support while sleeping, position a pillow at your back or stomach and between your legs.
  2. If you are losing your breath, put a pillow at the headboard of your bed and lean your back on it.
  3. To avoid heartburn, maintain a reasonable height in your pillow at your head. This position will help your acids in tacked in your stomach.
  4. Get a comforting shower time before going to bed.
  5. Drink your favorite fruit tea or warm beverage a few hours before sleeping.
  6. Ask for a gentle massage if you have pelvic or muscle cramps.

For any instances about you and your baby’s health, it is best to consult your doctor.

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