Wearing Dental Braces May Increase the Risk of Having Cancer According to Experts

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Experts say that dental braces may increase the chances of having cancer.

Science has helped the medical and even the dental fields a lot. There have been great innovations brought about by scientific researches and studies that resulted in the birth of things and services we enjoy now. One of those is dental braces, which is used to remediate issues of the mouth and teeth. It has not been solely for the sake of fashion, but better teeth alignment and good oral health are directly linked to a healthy body as a whole.

However, as also being published on thefactsify.us, some scientists recently found out that wearing dental braces made of metal may be a cause of a type of cancer. Some scientists from the faculty of Odontology in the University of Buenos Aires say that metal braces contain elements like iron and nickel which are very risky to the mouth and to the health per se. They cited an instance when a 31-year old patient whined about a discomfort in his mouth in an emergency room. The doctors found out that the severe pain is because of the deformation of the teeth inside the patient’s gums. They also saw a tumor and when it was examined, they discovered that the cyst is malignant and it contains chemicals which are commonly used in creating metal braces. Furthermore, they said that the patient has osteosarcoma. He was unfortunate to survive his fate because cancer cells reached different portions of his mouth.

In spite of this controversy, we did a little study and according to some articles, there is still no enough evidence to prove that dental braces made of metal can cause osteosarcoma. According to Wikipedia,

“Despite persistent rumors suggesting otherwise, there is no clear association between water fluoridation and cancer or deaths due to cancer, both for cancer in general and also specifically for bone cancer and osteosarcoma. Series of research concluded that concentration of fluoride in water doesn’t associate with osteosarcoma.

The beliefs regarding the association between fluoride exposure and osteosarcoma stem from a study of US National Toxicology program in 1990, which showed uncertain evidence of association of fluoride and osteosarcoma in male rats. But there is still no solid evidence of cancer-causing tendency of fluoride in mice.

Fluoridation of water has been practiced around the world to improve citizens’ dental health. It is also deemed as major health success. Fluoride concentration levels in water supplies are regulated, such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency regulates fluoride levels to not be greater than 4 milligrams per liter. Actually, water supplies already have naturally occurring fluoride, but many communities chose to add more fluoride to the point that it can reduce tooth decay. Fluoride is also known for its ability to cause new bone formation. Yet, further research shows no osteosarcoma risks from fluoridated water in humans.”

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