WARNING: Why Kissing May Cause Relationship Problems and Eventually Break Up

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Troubles with relationship that starts with kissing may lead to breakups

What are the most common gestures of love? Some may say that it’s a simple hug and others would prefer extravagant gifts. But, the most common that everyone would agree is a kiss. It is actually a conclusion for Christian weddings and wedding proposals. It is also a starting signal of the more intimate moment with someone you love.

Many people are not aware that the same little gesture can also be a cause of issues in a relationship or even a breakup. As being published on news.abs-cbn.com, a radio DJ named Dr. Lulu Marquez; confessed that halitosis (also known as bad breath) may be a reason for lovers to be cold. In her DZMM program Private Nights, Dr. Marquez said that the smelly condition can hinder a person in sharing his heart with his loved one. She cited certain causes of bad breath and ways to avoid or cure it.

  1. Oral problems– Commonly, stinky breath is caused by residing around the gums and teeth. If you have poor oral hygiene, there are foreign matters in between the teeth, tongue, and gums that might rot and cause the foul smell. “Ideally you should brush your teeth twice a day,” according to Marquez.
  2. Digestive issues or improper diet-Dr. Marquez suggested, “It is important to eat slowly for proper digestion.” If the food is not properly processed through the digestive tract, it may cause reflux and ultimately bad breath.
  3. Liver disease– Terminal stages of liver illness can result to halitosis. It is because of a condition named fetor hepaticus caused by dimethyl sulfide. (by livescience)
  4. Sinus disorders– When you have issues with your sinuses, it might produce mucus that can reach your throat. There are also times that it extends up to your stomach, and if it’s not broken down, it can cause a stinky mouth.
  5. Dehydration- If you don’t drink ample amount of water, your mouth cannot produce enough saliva which is essential for killing harmful microorganisms, hence, it will cause your mouth to stink. Dr. Marquez and almost all doctors recommend to always supply our body enough fluids, for a healthier you.
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