WARNING: Vape Will Eventually Ruin Your Lungs and Can Put Your Health at Risk!

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It has already been established that smoking is harmful to our health. A lot of studies and researches discovered that this vice is the root cause of many diseases, which can affect the body from head to foot. Certain experts advise the smokers to undergo therapy in order to avoid withdrawal syndrome in the process of quitting. Some recommend alternatives instead of a cigarette. The most endorsed among the alternatives is vape.

There has been an on-going debate whether vape and cigarette smoking are equally risky. Since there hasn’t been concrete evidence against vape, some health enthusiast just depends on their stand to the reports and accounts of vape users who allegedly experienced its damaging effects.

A Facebook user named Al-Nur posted on his Facebook timeline, the photos of a man who believed to be a patient of lung illness brought about by using vape. The photos are so heart-rending, but it garnered different kinds of reactions from the netizens.

Though the effects of vaping are still under research, we should always remember that anything that is not natural can destroy our health in one way or another. It would be better to breathe fresh air and live healthy.

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