WARNING: This Woman Is Imprisoned Because Of Spreading Gossip

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This should serve as a stern warning to those individuals who likes to spread gossip; avoid doing so or you’ll get imprisoned for as long as 12 years.
Ever since, spreading gossip is very common especially in a close-area neighbourhood. Because of that, gossip has become the main source of fight among neighbourhood and even friends. This time, an alleged gossip spreader is entitled to pay a fine of P50,000 and 6 years of imprisonment, under Article 364 of the Revised Penal Code also known as “Intriguing Against Honor”. This is a much higher punishment to those individuals found guilty.

According to Senator Loren Legarda, the author of the bill, the previous penalty is just P200 and 30 days imprisonment. But this new law covers any person who spreads intrigue for the sole purpose of ruining the reputation of other people. Also included in the law is the higher penalty and imprisonment to those who are caught violating it.

Legarda wanted to increase the penalty of “incriminatory machination” from the previous 6 days until 6 months of imprisonment into 6 months until 12 years of life in prison. Legarda explains that the incriminatory machinations is vexing or clear harassment through causing false prosecution. The current penalty stated by law to those people caught disobeying it is not enough for the victim’s damage caused by the false justification. It is therefore very important to pursue a much severe penalty to those people found guilty over incriminatory machinations.

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