Warning By CNN: To Stop Eating This Kind of Food You Might be Infected By This Parasite

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Are You Having Seizures, Too Much Fatigue, and Headaches? You Might Be Infected By This Parasite!

“Health is Wealth!” – The food you consume affects your entire body. Much to your concern, there are foods that you thought are healthy but are actually not. Did you know that when you consume too much pork and beef, you are allowing a certain type of worm to enter your body?

A parasite commonly called as Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei can enter your body. They can migrate to different parts of your body such as your eyes, brain and even your tissues. There are even people who claim to have gone certain surgeries just to remove worms and parasites in their eyes.

One report from Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge states that a patient went for help, complaining of too much headache. Tests were performed and it was found out that the patient suffered from sparganosis, an infection caused by a parasite Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei. He reportedly visited places like South Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand. These countries reportedly have the highest reported cases of these parasites.

The patient’s severe headaches were also accompanied by seizures and fatigue, both symptoms were quite alarming. The parasites living inside the patient’s body was carefully removed through an operation. The man returned to his original shape afterwards.

Parasites such as Beef Tapeworm, Asian Tapeworm, and Pork Tapeworm can results in parasitic disease known as Taeniasis. These tapeworms are ingested into the human body by consuming uncooked pork or beef meat.  You can also acquire this parasite through direct contact with human and swine feces.

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