Uncommon Benefits of Guava: Stops Hair loss and Improves Eyesight

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If coconut tree is tagged as “tree of thousand uses”, guava tree offers almost the same number of benefits as with the coconut tree. If you would dig deeper to the benefits of guava tree to your health and physical appearance, you will surely appreciate seeing this tree in your backyard.

In most Asian countries, the sight of guava trees is pretty common compared to tropical countries like North America. This round shaped fruit which is typically light green in color and has a white to maroon flesh offers a number of health benefits. Not just with the actual fruit, its bark and leaves are also very useful.
To sum it up, guava contains up to 4x the average amount of vitamin C in an orange fruit and 10x the average amount of vitamin C compared to an average lemon fruit.

Guava also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Fiber, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Folate and Phosphorus.

Here are some of the most beneficial usage of guava and its leaves:
1. Improves Heart Health
2. Decreases cholesterol level
3. Maintains Good Oral Health
4. Treats a cough and bronchitis
5. Treats Diarrhea
6. Treats Itching caused by allergies
7. Controls Diabetes
8. Relieves Insect bites
9. Improves Immunity
10. Aid against hair loss
11. Lowers Cancer Risk
12. Effective weight loss treatment
13. Recommended for infertility problems
14. Removes acne and pimples
15. Prevents infections
16. Treats dengue
17. Relieves a toothache and other oral problems
18. Removes blackheads
19. Prevents premature skin aging
20. Improves eyesight
With all these amazing benefits, you surely wouldn’t want to miss a single guava tree in your backyard!

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