Top 10 Reasons For You To Start Taking A Bath Every Single Day

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Bathing is a form of inexpensive relaxation that anyone can do, any time of the day. Though bathing can be done even in the convenience of your home, there are people who refuse to do it for unknown reasons. One thing’s for sure, you need to bath every day so you can look and feel healthy. Wondering why? Here are some ways on how bathing daily contributes to your wellness.

  1. Reduces muscle tension

After a day’s work, enjoying a warm bath will help ease muscle tension. It also helps on healing and relaxing sore muscles, which helps restore flexibility and elasticity.

  1. Improves blood circulation

Bathing does not only reduce muscle tension but also helps improve the overall blood circulation. Proper blood circulation nourishes damaged cells and regulates the heart function.

  1. Improves men’s reproductive health

Men with less libido should take cold showers regularly. Increased in the male testosterone is linked in a regular cold bath, according to the study conducted at Thrombosis Research Institute.

Hot water baths impact the other way around. According to research, men who are more exposed to hot water baths have a lower sperm count, making it the cheapest contraceptive.

  1. Reduces sugar levels

Normal blood sugar levels before meal range from 70 to 99 mg/dl while after meals, it should be less than 140 mg/dl. But people with diabetes are above these levels. Insulin is very helpful but taking a regular bath could also reduce the blood sugar level, said Dr. Philip L. Hooper of the McKee Medical Center, Loveland.

  1. Improves lung function

Every time you pour a cup of cold water into your head, you are opening your lungs for a much better oxygen circulation.

  1. Boosts immune system

We all love warm baths. But did you know that taking a cold shower can actually help stimulate the lymph and vascular system of your body, which then produces more immune cells that wards off infections? You will have less chance of getting sick if you take cold baths regularly.

  1. Treats depression

If you are having depression, treat yourself with a cold bath. It will really help you. This fact is according to the study of Shevchuk NA, which shows that having a cold bath activates your nervous system, which results to the increase in the production of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline to help reduce depression.

  1. Reduces stress

You can eliminate stress just by merely taking a bath! Sounds good, right? A study performed in Japan showed the significant effects of bathing in reducing stress. Cortisol and chromogranin are two stress markers that regular baths can effectively remove.

  1. Removes toxins

Sweating is your body’s way of removing harmful toxins. If you are sweating a lot, deodorants and other antiperspirant spray won’t do much help. Instead, you should take a bath regularly so you won’t smell bad.

  1. Induces sleep

People with insomnia can experience a soothing relief after taking a bath just before going to bed. It is also proven to improve sleep quality.

Bathing does not just make you clean and odor-free, it also helps improve your over-all health!


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