This Man Shares His Secret To Losing Weight; From 151 kg. Down To 76 Kg!

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“Nothing is impossible to a person who is determined to succeed”: That is the motivation that Coach Dante Pascual Jr., held up through his journey in acquiring a physically fit body.
A photo of Pascual went viral because of his huge transformation: from an extra-large man to a physically fit person who was able to lose weight just within a year.

According to a Facebook post of Pascual, he was fat his whole life. He was obese during his teenage life and by the age of 27, he already weighed 151kg or 332lbs. During that time, he was able to acquire numerous health complications. High blood pressure and his sugar went up to 300, resulting in a different illness.
After suffering all kinds of illness, he felt determined to lose weight and started his overall transformation. After a year, he was able to achieve the result he ever wanted for himself.

From 147 kg or 323 lbs, he is now 76 kg or 167 lbs. His life has changed and his health has improved. He thought that it is impossible to obtain his current weight yet through avoiding unhealthy lifestyle, he was able to create a miracle.
He added that his journey into obtaining a healthier life is really hard but he was able to get through it because of his strong determination. Pascual also thanked the Atenea Fitness and Wellness Center and Kit Navarroza for helping him throughout the rough journey.
A lot of people are asking him for his secret to losing weight but he insisted that there is actually no secret behind it, instead, it’s more on pure determination and self-discipline.

He also confessed that for the last 5 months, he was able to lose 40 kg out of elliptical and cardio exercises. And for the next months, he focused on eliminating the sagging skin by doing some muscle exercises.
Pascual hopes that all that he’s been through will serve as an inspiration for those people who wanted to lose weight.

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