The Truth About The Use of Crocs: Is It Good Or Bad For You?

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Crocs, a famous brand of flip flop, was first seen on 2002. Since then, famous personalities like Steven Tyler, Helen Mirren and Kate Middleton were seen using these comfy rubber shoes. Despite constant appreciation from famous personalities, many people still think that this footwear is something not worth spending for. But when experts were asked upon the effects of crocs to the body, they were definite in their answers, “Unfortunately these kinds of footwear are not suited for daily usage”, said Dr. Megan Leahy.

She explains that shoes like these do not provide adequate protection for the heel. Once the heel becomes unstable, toes would grip tighter resulting to tendinitis, nail problems, calluses, toe deformities and corns. This does not mainly focus with flip-flops but to any kinds of footwear which doesn’t secure the heels.
Dr. Alex Kor, from the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, also said that these footwear are the main culprit for arch and heel pain.

Despite constant health warnings from health professionals, Crocs are still recommended by orthopaedic doctors for those people with really high arch and those who suffer excessive edema. Some Amazon reviewer even wrote positive comments about how Crocs was able to solve the feet problems and walking with it is like walking barefoot in a super soft cushion. Some others said that though it’s pretty comfortable, its appearance is just very ugly and shouldn’t be worn in public.
Crocs has been sold in 90 countries across the world and over 300 million pairs were currently sold out at the starting price of $11.99. With its huge number of avid fans, this footwear won’t go out of fashion too soon.

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