The Truth About Oral Cancer Caused By Oral Contact

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Michael Douglas, the famous actor/producer revealed to CNN last 2013 that he, unfortunately, had throat cancer, rather than mouth cancer which was first reported. The revelation of Douglas strikes the entire world with curiously regarding the topic cunnilingus, also known as oral sex.
If you think that mouth cancer is just mainly caused by oral sex, then it is actually not the whole thing. Mouth cancer involves a lot of things like oral cavity affecting the lips, tongue, mouth and gums, said the Philippine Board of Otolaryngology, Jesster Navarro.

Mouth cancer is not just mainly caused by oral sex but also by the unhealthy lifestyle of individuals. Smoking, drinking, unhealthy oral hygiene, chewing of betel nut, and the contagious Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
The risk factor increases every time the smoker takes in alcoholic drinks and betel nut chewing. Moreover, just last year, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), also responsible for cervical cancer was tagged as one of the causes of mouth cancer. There are a lot of strains of HPV but HPV 16 is specified as the one responsible for the said cancerous disease including cervical, penile and anal cancers.

A study conducted last 1995 goes to show that oral cancer is tagged as 9th leading causes of cancer specifically among men all over the world. Approximately, there is approximately 6.8 percent out of 100,000 people struggling with mouth cancer. Furthermore, patients with HIV tend to get ashamed to get checked because of the kind of approach to the economy for this kind of disease.

Symptoms of mouth cancer include difficulty when swallowing, obstruction in the throat, voice hoarseness, numbness, lump usually located in the neck, bad breath, bleeding, difficulty when speaking, white/red patches situated by the mouth’s lining, sore throat, ulcers, soreness, jaw pain and difficulty when chewing. But most of the time, its first signs are seen on the tongue.

It is scientifically proven that mouth cancer both affects men and women which usually start to appear on the age of 50 and up. Fortunately, early detection can increase the survival rate. The surgery for mouth cancer is also very crucial. In most cases, the tongue and half of the jaw needs to get removed.
Furthermore, oral sex must be avoided so as to prevent the risks of mouth cancer.

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