The Dog Hero Family Had no Idea Their Dog Was a Hero

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Louie is a 12-year old sheepdog owned by a family in Alexandra, New Zealand. The owners of Louie were worried when they noticed that the dog was nowhere. They thought that the dog was stuck somewhere or was injured.


Photo: Marolyn Diver

Before the day ends, Louie came back but they noticed that he looked exhausted and suddenly buckled under a bush. They thought Louie was hurt. Without their knowing Louie had saved another dog, Maddy that was in danger.

Maddy is the pet dog of their neighbor named Rob. Before Rob went to the town that day, he noticed that Maddy was missing. When he got back home, Rob noticed Louie and led him to his pet that was trapped under a pile of branches.


Photo: Marolyn Diver

The owner of Louie found a note attached to the dog’s collar that reads, “Louie is the hero of the day. He led me to Maddy in distress, stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.”


Photo: Marolyn Diver

To know the full story, Louie’s owner decided to call the attention of Rob and the latter told that he knew that the main focus of Louie was to get the attention of Rob and help save Maddy out of the pile of branches. Rob decided to write a note to explain to Louie’s owner regarding his absence.

Who would think that a dog like Louie had saved another life? Indeed, this hero dog deserves extra treats!

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