Symptoms of the Deadly Liver Cancer Which are Unknown to Many!

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Cancer remains to be at the top of the list of most fatal diseases around the globe. Scientists and medical experts are still searching for effective and cost-efficient ways to battle many kinds of cancer. Internal organs are affected most of the time. And because of its function as a filter, it is prone to be the victim of this fatal illness. According to the 2012 statistics of World Health Organization (WHO), liver cancer bagged the second spot with the most number of deaths around the world with 745,000. Surely because of the changing unhealthy lifestyle, the number will increase as the years go by.

As experts say, prevention is better that cure. So, for us to be aware of ways to avoid liver cancer, we should know its symptoms and causes. We found an article online, specifically on, featuring early signs of liver cancer and ways to avoid it. Please check the bullets below.

1. Hepatitis B or C infection can increase your chance of having liver cancer.
2. Immoderate drinking of alcoholic beverages.
3. Fatty liver
4. Cirrhosis
5. Smoking
6. Diabetes

· Unexplained and unexpected weight loss.
· Irregular feeling of being bloated after eating.
· Weakening muscles or unusual feeling of tiredness.
· Abnormal enlargement of the abdomen.
· Severe pain in the stomach area.
· Skin discoloration.
· Loss of appetite or irregular change in diet.
· Inconsistent stool texture and unsteady digestion.
· Recurring itchiness of the skin.

Preventive measures:
– Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation and stop smoking.
– Eat foods that can detoxify the liver.
– Undergo screenings that can detect liver cancer, especially if you have a history in your family.
– Maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost your immune system and save yourself from getting any fatal infections or diseases.

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