Suffering From Chest Fats? Here Are Some Helpful Ways To Reduce It

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Have you noticed that some men with enlarged breast? They are actually suffering from Gynecomastia, a condition caused by imbalance amount of estrogen and testosterone resulting to a seemingly enlarged breasts in men. This condition affects both breasts or may come uneven sometimes.

Gynecomastia normally develops as a result of hormonal change during puberty, sometimes to older men and newborns. In general, gynecomastia is not considered as a serious problem, though coping up with the condition is way tougher especially if pain is involved. Learning ways to reduce it is definitely a MUST!

1. Proper Nutrition
It is very important to monitor your food intake once you experience gynecomastia. Fats are generally produced by foods rich in carbohydrates. Therefore, avoiding these carbohydrates-rich foods will generally help in reducing chest fats in men. Instead of carbohydrates, protein intake should be increased because it helps grow muscles.
2. Do The Chest Exercise

2. Do The Chest Exercise
Like any other fat in the body, chest fat can also be reduced through proper and regular exercise. Exercises that mainly focuses the in improving chest muscles is recommended. The exercises below are of great help:
Incline Bench Dumbbell

Incline Bench Dumbbell
• Position yourself in a bench.
• Hold two low-medium dumbbells and pass it from the spotter.
• Press the dumbbells upward in a seemingly explosive motion. See to it that you are feeling the pressure in your upper chest.
• After doing the routine, put down the dumbbells very slowly.
Decline Push-up
• Just like in a regular push-up, ensure that your back is flat.
• Secure your hands slightly wider compared to your shoulder width.

Dumbbell Pullover
• Lie flat in a bench and hold dumbbells which are both low-medium in weight. Bend your shoulders slightly.
• Lower the dumbbells and get it over your head slowly. Make sure that the lift targets your chest muscles.

3. Medications
In case you already did your best in exercising and proper diet but you see no changes in your chest fats, it is now time to consult your doctor. Medications like tamoxifen and raloxifene is very helpful to increase estrogen levels yet it is still very important to consult your doctor before taking one.

4. Surgery
As mentioned earlier, gynecomastia is not a serious condition, but if it already affects your self-esteem and daily activities then surgery serves as your last option.
Hormonal imbalance is the main culprit for enlarged breasts in men. The above-mentioned ways to reduce it offers huge help.

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