Scientists Found out That Using Loofah Can Bathe You with Very Nasty Effects!

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A recent study shows that using loofah has awful effects.

How much time do you spend in taking a bath? For some, they spend as much 2 hours because it also serves as their “me-time” and relaxing moment. Who could resist a very inviting and warm shower after a very stressful day?

There are arrays of products available in the market that offer soothing effects to the skin when bathing. From the scented shower gels to the gentle scrubs, everyone becomes crazy in choosing a product that will suit their skin type. But aside from that, experts surprisingly suggest avoiding using a very widely patronized product, a loofah, as being featured in an article on They actually recommend scrubbing gloves, which are safer to use. You might be asking why? Well, you will be shocked with the reason.

According to Dr. J. Matthew Knight from the Knight Dermatology Institute, scrubbing your body with the loofah is very dangerous, especially for your skin. This is because if they are not properly washed after use, portions of your exfoliated dead skin are being trapped in it.

Moreover, if you just hang it in the bathroom, moisture will allow certain strains of bacteria, mold, and yeast to develop and eventually reside in its puffy layers. Imagine, bathing and rubbing your skin hardly with a loofah full of germs? You might be stressed out eventually if it leads to skin infection. So, before you bathe yourself with germs, you better think twice in using these puffy nets.

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