Say Goodbye to Back and Side Chest Baby Fat with These Four Easy Workout Routine

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Summer is over in the Philippines for this year. It’s now time for the wet season. Because of this, most of us tend to miss the gym sessions, thinking that being fit is just for sake of beach parties and selfies. Aside from that, it has been a culture to pounce on fatty foods and sweets, especially during holidays. Of course, it is a big no for health enthusiasts. They always promote to be in shape all year round.

One of the most stubborn fats, mostly seen on women, is found at the back and at the side of the chest. Women with this problem can’t wear slim fit jeans and sleeveless tops. It’s such a shame, right? However, we found these easy workout routines you may perform at the comfort at your house. These will surely make you say hello to a perfect summer body again.

Elbow Kiss– Open your arms wide at shoulder level. Raise your both hands making a ninety-degree angle. Swing both arms in front, seemingly they are kissing and back and forth. Repeat it ten times. You may also do it with dumbbells.

Push and touch– Stretch your arms on both sides while palms are facing forward. Lift them simultaneously as high as possible. You may hold dumbbells while doing it. Make 3 sets and of 6 repetitions.

Crisscross reverse fly– Bend your knees not more than 90 degrees and make sure your weight is stable. Bend over a little bit facing down. Lift your arms both sides while holding weights and sway them like you’re flying. Repeat it 3 times 10 counts each.

Bent-over circular row- Bend your upper body in front 90 degrees. Lift your arms while holding weights. Move them on circular motion towards your chest back and forth.

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