Practical Reasons Why Men Cheat! Learn How to Counter Them

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Reasons why men cheat which are actually happening in real life.

Among the mistakes that men may commit inside a romantic relationship, cheating is considered to be the most venial and truly difficult to accept and forgive. It can result in different issues in both parties involved including the kids and the people around them. It may affect the emotional stability of the aggravated person and future decisions might be affected by the experience.

This issue has been commonly linked to men. There is still this stigma that men are most likely to cheat than women. In an article published on, a list is even provided conveying practical reasons why men cheat. These reasons are happening in real life, so better be informed to learn how to counter them.

  1. Most men typically show affection which eventually creates false hope. This might be the reason why men are tagged as a womanizer. They tend to show some moves to almost every woman that they get interested to, but for them, it means nothing.
  2. Most men are liars. Since men are more logical than emotional, they have this supernatural power of creating alibis.
  3. Most men will stand for their ego. Having multiple partners is a status symbol for their manliness. If you are a “loyal guy” in your group, you will be named as the weakest link.
  4. Some men believe that they are born to have more than one woman. This is very common to narcissistic kinds of men.
  5. Most men blame their partners to be boring and would like to experience more. This is a common reason for men who cheat and has the intention to eat all delicacies on the buffet table.
  6. Afraid to be involved in a lifetime intimacy. This is based on behavior experts saying that men tend to change hearts because they do not have the guts to be tied in a lifetime commitment.
  7. Strong feeling to be wanted. Some men look for women who will appreciate what they can do more that their flaws.
  8. Being friendly. This is a common reason of a man who is believed to still be in love with his girl, but admits to just being “friendly.”
  9. Some men are indecisive. There are men who tend to be swayed by several factors and change their decisions in the long run. A “yes” for him will not be the same forever.
  10. A number of men feel their power and dominance in a relationship when they cheat.
  11. I am the “man” in the relationship. There are some who establish their image in a relationship and believes to be more powerful when they have a lot of partners.
  12. It is a competition among men. This is a usual situation wherein they feel belong in their group if they can hook up with a number of girls.
  13. Emotionally stressed. Because of factors affecting the emotions of guys, they tend to look for another person who can create and turn loneliness or disappointment into a more positive environment.
  14. Cheating is very enticing and tempting. Some men think that true love is equivalent to true lust. Their hearts and brains are found their groin area.
  15. He is not serious. When a guy frequently cheats, he is most like not to be interested with any of his girls and tend to just play.
  16. Some men believe that love is a process of searching the right one. They tend to explore the vast islands and seas to try everyone and see if they would find the “one.”
  17. It is impossible to say no. Most of the men say that “being men” is equivalent to being vulnerable to temptations. It will be a question of manliness if they say no to a gorgeous woman.
  18. Some men are certain that you cannot leave without them. These men are certain that if their malicious acts will be uncovered, you will easily forgive them and just forget what happened.
  19. Cheating is a way to get out from the relationship. It happens when a guy cannot find an easy way to break your heart. They just cheat so you will have enough reason to end the relationship.
  20. It is a habit that is impossible to break. If your man is a known cheater, he will always have his uncontrollable behavior as defensive armor to validate this sin.
  21. He was just intoxicated and he does not know what happened. For some men who had a one night stand in a party, this is a common reason. But come to think of it, if you are really faithful, you need to learn how to guard yourself and make sure you won’t put yourself in a situation that you will regret afterward.
  22. He needs to share his blessing. This is a common reason for men who think they are very blessed with great genes that they need to share it with a lot of women.
  23. You do not meet his expectations. This is the most unfair reason. Some men would say that they look for another partner because you fail in some aspects which are not acceptable.

The concept of cheating is not just enclosed among men. In fairness to them, there is still a noticeable population of women who cheat. But then again, as far as we know, there is no female counterpart for the word “womanizer” yet, right?

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