Popular Herbs and Spices | With Amazing Health Benefits

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Herbs and spices have been very useful at homes all around the world as they do not only add flavor to our food, but they also offer a plethora of health benefits.

The benefits of using these herbs and spices seem like an endless list. It is just amazing how they have and continued to work wonders for the human body. Many are very useful home remedies for the common cold, cough and allergies and many can even help fight serious and life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Spices are usually used to add flavor and color to our food. They are found in many places in the world, and the nicest thing about them is that they can last for so many years as long as they do not get contaminated. Most of all, they can do amazing things and contribute to a person’s general health. Let us take a look at the most popular herbs and the benefits they bring us.


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• Cayenne contains the oily content called capsaicin which is found to be effective for muscle pains and arthritis. Capsaicin is an ingredient being used in over the counter ointments and creams because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cayenne is also a well-known anti-oxidant and a metabolism booster so you can turn to this and sprinkle your food with some cayenne if your goal is to lose weight fast.


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• Cinnamon. Cinnamon is another spice that is widely used around the world. It can be found in many baked goods, recipes and dishes. Cinnamon is known to be very effective in lowering blood sugar levels which means it is good for people with diabetes.


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• Sage. Sage is popularly known for its capability to improve brain function, as well as sharpen a person’s memory. This is the reason why it is said to be useful for people suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases. It is also recognized for its amazing healing properties.

anise seeds

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• Anise seed is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. It is also a good anti-oxidant which means that it is useful when it comes to fighting the signs of aging.


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• Saffron. If your immune system needs a boost, saffron is the spice that you can count on. Saffron is reliable when it comes to fighting infections, and improving digestion. It can also make your skin and hair healthier.


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