Plants that Help Fight Liver Cancer

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The liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It is the one that is responsible in filtering toxins and other harmful substances in the body, making sure that they are passed out as urine or stool. The bile in the liver is also what’s helping in the food digestion, and converts the sugar in our food to energy.
Because liver is one of the organs that has the most significant function, it is only crucial that we take good care of our liver.

Many people today are suffering from serious liver diseases and the most life threatening is the liver cancer. The cancer of the liver is either begins from the liver itself, or it can be caused by the cancer cells which spread from other parts of the body which already have the disease.

When it comes to cancer treatment, it is a hard to face reality that not all cancer treatments are effective and are working. However, there are natural ways to prevent and treat cancer and that is with the help of some herbs and plants and here are some of those.
• Green tea. Green tea is popular as an anti-oxidant and a better alternative for coffee. Aside from that, green tea also has a better use for human health and that is to prevent the development of cancer.

• Mangosteen. Mangosteen is known to have many helpful medicinal properties. It is grown bountifully in Thailand but it can also be found here in the Philippines. Apart from being used to cure wounds, infection, and diarrhea, it is also said to be effective in cancer prevention. That is because it contains substances that has antioxidants which help fight the growth or progress of cancer.

• Vine. The grape seed extracts stops the further growth of the cancer cells in the body. The recommended dose is only 100mg and is suggested to be taken in at the start of the day.

• Siberian Ginseng. Siberian ginseng works by increasing a patient’s immunity by ingesting its liquid extract. It has to be taken regularly and has to be done every day for the whole month.


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