Natural Home Remedies for the Black Spots on your Face

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Black spots are one of the last things you’d like to see on your face. It can be embarrassing and it could result in lower self-confidence and self-esteem. It can also make you feel overly conscious especially when you are talking to other people that you try your best to hide it with makeup.

These spots are caused by a number of factors including hormonal imbalance, extreme exposure to the sun, lack of sleep and many others.The good news is these dark or black spots are possible to be remedied. There are a plethora of home solutions which you can try to reduce their appearance or completely get rid of them without consulting your dermatologist.


1. Lemon Juice. Lemon juice can do a lot of wonders and one of its helpful use is for the skin. Lemon juice is acidic in nature and this is what makes the dark spots disappear with continued use because of its ability to bleach the spots.

2. Vitamin E Oil. Vitamin E is what our skin needs to make it looking young, healthy and pimple-free. Vitamin E can also make the dark spots disappear, especially when you apply them directly on your skin. If you would notice, it is one of the main ingredient in almost all of the beauty products, because its primary purpose is to make our skin healthy.

3. Potato. Potatoes are another useful remedy to make your dark patches disappear. They are also effective in removing scars and blemishes. That is because potatoes are rich in starch and enzymes and it is the starch that makes the unwanted spots disappear while the enzymes is the one that makes your skin healthy.

4. Fruits. Fruits are not just healthy and good for the body, they are also excellent in keeping the skin clear and blemish free. Papaya is one of the fruits that you can apply directly on your skin to take care of the dark spots. The skin of the papaya is what you will have to use all over your face to make it look clearer and whiter.

5. Lime juice. Lime juice works similar to lemon because they have similar properties and nature. They are both citric and acidic and are excellent alternatives to fighting dark spots. This is even more effective if you have it mixed with yogurt.

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