Men With Bigger Bellies Have More Sexual Stamina? This Study Will Prove It Right!

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Having those sexy body is the dream of many. But you can’t achieve it without whole night. You need to go through a lot of effort to achieve the body you ever want. Most men have this common problem especially because of their lifestyle. Actually, having a fat belly is something that shouldn’t get ashamed of.

Studies show that overweight men actually have better stamina when it comes to sexual activities compared to people with normal weight, said researchers from Erciyes University in Turkey. The study is based on the Body Mass Index (BMI) of individuals and its sexual performance. The study that took place for more than a year, describes that people with bigger bellies actually have five more minutes to last than those who weigh less.

The respondents are 100 men seeking for answers regarding their sexual dysfunctions. In addition to that, they were also able to gather 100 men without problems when it comes to sexual intercourse. It took one year to conclude that the higher the BMI, the more they can last compared to those who are with normal weight. In totality, a man with bigger belly who had sex 100x/year can actually enjoy 8 hours longer than those with six pack.
Why is that so?

The reason behind this fact is that, slimmer men actually experience more premature ejaculation. To explain it further, premature ejaculation is a counterproductive for everyone. The penis is actually a sign of man’s health and overweight indicates that you are unhealthy. But when it comes to sexual activity, you will have more estradiol, a hormone responsible for acquiring orgasm.
So if you are into those individuals with hunk bodies, you should think twice especially if you are active in bed. This study is a living proof that men with bigger tummies are more lovable.

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