Meanings of Different Eye Colors

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Most of us get totally mesmerized upon seeing different than usual eye color. But behind those attractive eyes, there are actually health conditions that correspond to it. Though the colors of our eyes only serve as a precautionary sign for deeper health related conditions, it is still good to know the meanings behind the different colors of the eye.

Brown Eyes
• Have a high risk of developing eye and skin cancer mainly because of their genes.
• Have higher UV Protection compared to lighter colors of the eye? This just means that even after going out under the sun without sunblock, you’d less likely experience sunburn.
• Mostly develop anxiety, depression and they have low pain tolerance.

Green Eyes
• More prone to postpartum depression and anxiety but they can tolerate pain more easily. They are less likely to have too much labor pains and cramps.
• On the other hand, green-eyed men mostly suffer physical pressure. But they can withstand alcohol than dark-colored eyed individuals.

Hazel Eyes
• Vulnerable to anxiety, pain, and depression.
• They mostly suffer too much with injuries and childbirth.
• Prone to cataracts.
• Prone to vitiligo because of the melanin production.
• Prone to irregular skin patches.

Blue Eyes
• Have a high risk of melanoma because their eyes lack pigment.
• They have lesser UV protection.
• At risk with alcohol and drug issues.
• Prone to macular degeneration especially when you reach the age of 50 and beyond.

Red Eyes
• The indication of allergies, too much eye exposure, and eye dryness.
• Mostly related to depression.

Yellow Eyes
• High Indication of liver problems.
• A symptom of Jaundice, a disease in the liver that affects it’s filtering ability.

Now that you’ve to know the risks and indication of the different colors of the eyes, you can now easily diagnose if someone is suffering some kind of disease which causes the different colors of their eyes. You must also remember that there are nationalities obtaining these eye colors yet they are not suffering from any health related issues mainly because it’s in their genes.

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