Is It Really Dangerous To Sleep When Your Stomach Is Full? These Facts Is A Sure Hit!

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Having an adequate amount of sleep is a great contributor to a healthy lifestyle. But most people has this habit eating before going to bed. There are a lot of horror stories involves late dinner and heavy snacking before actually going to bed. Is it really bad to sleep when your stomach is full?

According to Jamie A. Koufman, physician, eating late night dinner creates a big problem because it wrecks up the entire system of our body. Heavy meals without subsequent activity results to indigestion or worst, acid reflux can occur. This condition regurgitates the gastric fluids causing heartburn, hoarseness, asthma and coughing.
Approximately 350 respondents reported developing symptoms of reflux because of their habits of nighttime eating. They still had symptoms even after proper control of body max index and other related factors that could contribute to acid reflux.

Does eating small portions of food every now and then make gain weight?
According to research, the answer is probably YES. There are reliable evidence that suggests the consciousness of your body determine if it’s about to eat or not. Therefore, you should not eat at the wrong time because it will only result in weight gain.

According to Kristen Eckel-Mahan of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, enzymes actually know when to metabolize glucose.
What’s the best thing to do?
Changing your meal times can be tough in the beginning, yet if you continue to do it every day, your body will adjust and eventually get used to it.

For instance, you eat a little during the whole day because of your busy schedule. So when you get home, you overeat, especially at night. This is obviously unhealthy.
The best thing to do is to never skip a meal. For breakfast, have something which is high in protein then do not skip lunch. For your snacks, grab a light meal like chicken or fish. This way, when you go home from work, you won’t feel the need to eat more because you are still full.

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