Inspiring Story of a Janitor Turned Lawyer

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This story of a 35-year-old man who is a father of two and a husband, working as a janitor at the Commission on Elections to earn a living circulated the Internet after the said man, Ramil Comendador, passed the 2016 bar examinations. The man said that he was so lucky and he do not know how to thank God enough for this big blessing which he have received.


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He started working in a private company right after he graduated from high school, tracing back, he got married and had two children. His children are now aged 4 and 8. What inspired Ramil to work hard towards his dream is his admiration about his wife. Guess what? His wife is also a professional, and not just that, she is an engineer. While working as a janitor for the COMELEC, his compensation is what he used to pay for law school which we all know is not a joke because it entails huge costs.

However, Ramil did not work towards this dream alone, his wife was there to support him with expenses at home. Three months before his bar exams, he rented a small private space near his home, so that he can focus on his reviews and studies. According to Ramil, from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, he confines himself to the four corners of the quiet room and focus on what is most important during that time, his reviews. At the struck of 5PM, he will come home and cook dinner for his wife and kids. That is how he balances family and academic life.

Another challenge which Ramil conquered was when he got sick while he was reviewing. He was confined at a hospital and his condition did not held him back from studying his reviewers which he took with him and now, a few months after all the dedication and hard work, finally, the world can now call him Attorney Ramil Comendador.

Ramil is an example of a person who knows what he wants and will strive hard just to get it. Ramil is an example the generation of today should look up to and be like. His story reminds us that no matter how hard anything gets if we work hard to achieve something, we will achieve them.

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