Home Remedies To Lighten Up Acne Scars

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Acne is typically experienced by 20% Common factors that cause acne includes oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and bacteria. It appears mostly on the face, chest, shoulders, neck and back. These areas contain the most number of oil glands. As the number of sebum and dead skin cells develops, acne is produced. Acne scars are totally embarrassing but luckily, there are tips to lighten it up:
1. Prevention is better than cure
That saying goes for all types of diseases as well as with acne scars. From the beginning, if there are no development of pimples, there will be issues regarding acne.
Once in your life, you sure had that moment, especially during adolescence stage wherein pimples develop the most. Pimples are main caused by excess oil. Therefore, you need to avoid it through washing your face regularly especially if you wear make-up. Also, apply treatment cream as a precautionary measure.
2. Fresh lemon juice
Lemon juice is known for its bleaching properties and using it to revitalize dark acne is very helpful.
• Mix equal amount of lemon juice and water.
• Apply the liquid solution to the affected area (avoid the other unaffected area).
• After 15-25 minutes, wash the lemon juice.
3. Baking Soda
Famous for its exfoliating effects, baking soda can also help with your acne problems.
• Mix baking soda and water until you can form a paste-like structure.
• Apply this to the affected area in a circular motion for 2 minutes.
• Rinse with water and dry skin.
4. Honey
Honey is known for its multiple healing powers. Simply apply honey to the affected area to reduce inflammation. Rinse dry.
5. Aloe Vera
Use the sap of Aloe Vera to rejuvenate your skin. Apply it to your acne scars and expect a positive outcome after continuous use.
6. Ice cube

Since you can see and make ice cubes at home, this is indeed the best home remedy. Simply wrap the ice cube with a cloth and rub it to your acne scar for a minute or two.

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