Healthy Effects of Sleeping Without Your Clothes On

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The effects of sleeping naked are very important to the health.

Sleeping is a very important habit to the totality of our health. It is the only precious time that every cell could rest longer and regenerate to function better. A lot of doctors link fatal diseases to lack of sleep. Well, it is a good logic, because even the most durable machine, if you don’t give enough time to be maintained properly, it is bound to fail.

A research from National American Sleep Foundation pointed out some importance of sleep, but they have a weird condition, you have to be naked. According to them, by going to bed with nothing, it will improve the quality of your sleep, thus, will make you healthier.

The institution also emphasized these benefits of sleeping naked:

  1. Cozy and more relaxed- If you sleep without clothes, it will liberate you from any failure that your sleeping outfit can disturb your sound sleep.
  2. Healthier skin- Imagine being enclosed in a room without proper ventilation? It’s so hassled, right? Your skin deserves a break as well. And sleeping is a perfect time for your skin to be free from all the moist and feel the fresh air.
  3. Maintaining cortisol- If you feel relaxed while sleeping, your body can properly manage the stress hormone. Hence, you may be able to fight stress, anxiety, depression and some diseases.
  4. Makes melatonin and growth hormone more stable- A more sound sleep can promise stability in growth hormone levels, and melatonin which is essential in being youthful.
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