HEALTH GUIDE: Know More About Your Overall Health with your Urine Color

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Urine color can tell the status of your overall health.

The human body is a very mysterious but incredible creation. Everything was created unbelievably well; however, human being is the highest and most special. Because of the blueprint that the human anatomy follow, it has special ways in letting us know its status whether it’s in order or not. That’s why we should not ignore some important symptoms and take note of the most common signals to prevent or at least detect an irregularity on its early stage.

One important role of urine in the body. Yes, it is true that urine is not just a waste, but it can actually signal something bad or even severe internal conditions. You might want to take note of your urine color and know how to improve your health. Check them below:

  • Clear or “water-like” urine- It means that your body is overly hydrated. You need to balance your body activities and water consumption.
  • Pale Yellow and Glassy yellow – It means your kidneys are healthy and you are properly hydrated. Keep it up!
  • Shady yellow- This is an early sign of slight dehydration. You would need to add a little more ounce of water.
  • Gold- This is an indication that you need to be hydrated immediately. Your body fluid supply is very little. It is quite alarming and your strength might be affected.
  • Brownish- It is a sign that you have issues with your liver. You might need to seek immediate medical attention if this symptom persists.
  • Pinkish to reddish- Those touches of red or pink color could mean blood in your urine because of illnesses such as UTI, kidney infection, growth of tumor, or mercury and lead contamination. This condition needs further laboratory tests.
  • Orange or tangerine- There could be three causes of this urine color: extreme dehydration, bile duct disease and liver illnesses.
  • Bluish/Greenish- In some cases, this is a result of a certain food you must have eaten. But you need to have yourself checked if it goes longer than usual, because this can also be sign of urinary tract infection.
  • Bubbly or foamy- It doesn’t mean your urine has detergent soap. It may normally happen sometimes, but if it occurs more often, it could be because of an increase of protein level in your urine or kidney issues. You need to seek immediate medical attention as well for this condition.

NOTE: Certain situations like consumption of multi-vitamins and food supplements can affect your urine color. It is always best to ask your doctor for expert’s advice.

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