HEALTH GUIDE: Effects of Eating Kangkong Are Absolutely Surprising and Deadly

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Eating raw or undercooked kangkong can be deadly.

Since we were children, we have been encouraged, or even forced, by our parents to eat vegetables. They are always pointing out the importance of vitamins and nutrients that we can get from eating veggies. It is also supported by medical experts and health enthusiasts. Among these, healthy green leafy vegetables are one of the most nutritious. And of course, kangkong (water spinach), cannot miss in the list. Some kitchen experts believe that in order to keep the nutrients in vegetables, we need to serve them raw or undercooked. However, medical experts discourage this habit especially with kangkong.

Based on studies, species of parasitic intestinal fluke named Fasciolopsis buskin that can reside in the muddy areas where kangkong also grows. Chances are, these organisms can also invade these nutritious green and if eaten raw or uncooked, they can enter and harm the body. It is also important for us to clean our food properly and cook them on proper temperature and length of time. There are cases wherein victims suffered from digestive issues and allergic reactions after eating a contaminated kangkong. Some even died because the fluke multiplied in the body and caused so much danger. This is such a serious matter that everyone needs to be aware of.

Again, make sure to keep your kitchen clean and observe proper procedures in preparing our food. We might ingest illness instead of vitamins and nutrients if we will be careless.

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