GIRLS BEWARE: Learn to Avoid These Habits When You Have Your Period

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Ladies should avoid these 10 Habits during your monthly period.

A human body is one of the most mysterious creations. With the way how it responds to the environment and the very amazing power to reproduce, it is indeed wonderful. The body has also different processes that made the scientists overwhelmed, especially to women. Undeniably, their ability to conceive makes them unique. Furthermore, their monthly period is also mystical.

According to researchers, women tend to have imbalances with the hormones during their period. Because of this, certain behaviors manifest, which are sometimes vague for men. Due to the complexity of the process, experts also suggest for girls to avoid these habits that might harm them whenever they have their monthlies.

Here is the list:

  • Cooking– experts suggest for you to avoid getting into the kitchen, especially if you have exaggerated mood swings. They just don’t want your mood swings to be the reason of an accident to yourself or to other people.
  • Using of cellular phones– also because of being so emotional, they advise that you lessen the time of checking your mobile phones. Surely, you don’t want to end up calling your ex while crying and realizing it’s not worth it, right?
  • Working out– The feeling of being bloated is all in the mind. It is one of the few effects of the substance imbalance in your body. So, there is really no need for you to exercise.
  • Watching ROM-COM movies– do not try to pour in alcohol to an open wound. You would really cry out loud because of pain. So as if you watch romantic-comedy movies during your period and you have mood swings, you are just adding up the stress to your nerves.
  • Eating a lot of chocolates– it is a myth that chocolates will take away your mood swings. It might give you a little pleasure, but it wouldn’t help in balancing your hormones. You will just get fat and possibly become diabetic.
  • Engaging in arguments– obviously, if you have a hormonal imbalance and experiencing its effects, there is no point for you to engage in arguments. You will not attain anything productive.
  • Being restless– it would greatly help you take an ample time of rest. I will not just relax your body but your mind as well.
  • Taking a shower– it is better to light up some scented candles around your bathroom, fill your bathtub with warm water and your favorite bath gel and immerse yourself while meditating. It can make your mind more relaxed and can lessen your rating tendencies.
  • Doing the chores– image being tired and angry? The result will surely be miserable.
  • Running– again, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. It is one of the unavoidable effects of being a woman and having your period. It’s all in the mind.
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