Get Rid of Belly Fat By Drinking This Juice For 7 Days

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Having a hard time getting rid of your belly fat? Eliminating those annoying fats on the tummy requires a lot of effort on your end. You have to exercise consistently and be sure that you eat a balanced diet.

It is, of course, all worth it in the long run because obesity leads to different health problems such as diabetes and hypertension. No one wants these issues and, as the old adage says, prevention is always better than cure.

As one of your solutions, you might want to try this all-natural juice which can be very effective in losing abdominal fat. The ingredients are simple and you can buy them in he grocery any day.


For this juice, you will need these ingredients:

  • Cucumber
  • 3 pieces of pineapple
  • Celery
  • Parsley


To prepare this, wash the ingredients first. Afterward, place all of them in a blender and then blend them until they turn into a paste-like substance.

Drink The Juice for 7 Days

Now drink the juice every morning on an empty stomach. Take note, however, to take it as it is. There is no need to add sugar or any artificial sweetener. Also, take it within 15 minutes so you can take advantage of its nutrients.

Do this for 7 days straight and you will be amazed at the effects.

Be Consistent With Your Health Habits

While very effective, this juice shouldn’t be seen or considered as a shortcut for losing weight. You still have to work hard and make healthy choices, especially with what you eat. Be sure to eat fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods. Stay away from sweets and sugars so you can get fit sooner than later.

Go give this a try for 7 days and let us know if it worked for you.

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