Drinking Beer Can Be Very Beneficial to Your Health! It’s Not That Bad!

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Since we were teenagers, our parents would always remind us not to drink alcoholic beverages. Health enthusiasts also reiterate the negative impact of alcohol in the body. However, there are certain studies that revealed the benefits of moderate alcohol drinking. A lot of researchers say that a glass of wine a day is good for the heart. Moreover, experts also released the good effects of beer in our health. Surprising, but yes, it has great results.

Beer is a better source of protein and Vitamin B than wine, but equally important in detoxifying. Aside from that, it is also filled with flavonoids, which is an essential potent anti-oxidant. Below are other healthy effects of beer:

1. Healthy Kidneys- A modern research determined that a bottle of beer a day decreases the risk of accumulating kidney stones by 40%.
2. Lower bad cholesterol level- It is because beer has fiber that can fight the LDL cholesterol, which is considered a bad type.
3. Source of Vitamin B- Scientists found out that beer is rich with Vitamins B, B1, B2, B6 and B12. Furthermore, they said that beer drinkers have higher B6 level by 30%.
4. Healthier bones- Beer can increase the level of silicon in the body which is believed to be beneficial to the bones.
5. Aid for sleeplessness- This amazing beverage is rich with Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid that relieves insomnia.
6. Decreases heart attack risk- According to researchers, people who drink beer can have 40 to 60 percent lesser chance of dying with a heart attack.
7. Hinders hemorrhage- Beer has been discovered to contain ingredients that can prevent certain blood clots and hemorrhage.
8. Promote memory- There have been recent discoveries revealing that people who drink beer have lesser chance to get Alzheimer’s disease.
9. Stress reliever- Researchers from the University of Montreal exposed that drinking two glasses of beer a day can relieve stress brought about by work or anxiety.
10. Flawless skin- Scientists discovered that vitamins found in beer can make the skin glow by regenerating skin cells and reduce over pigmentation.

It is very good to know that beer has an excellent impact to the healthy. But, we should all be reminded that everything that goes beyond moderate can cause harm. Share this post and enjoy your good times with friends.

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