Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer

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One of the most common causes of death among women is cervical cancer, but that was many years ago before technology paved the way for the development of modern methods of preventing the disease including pap tests. However, even with these tests, women cannot still be completely sure that they can be cervical cancer free.

During the early stages, the symptoms may not be very visible. Sometimes, there are really no symptoms, and that it the scariest part – not knowing your risk of getting the disease. It is always best to identify the signs and symptoms so that the disease can be possibly cured the earliest time as possible.


Here are the warning signs of cervical cancer you should watch out for.
1. Unusual or abnormal bleeding. This the symptom that women should never ignore because this is the one that is strongly linked to cervical cancer. If you happen to experience unusual bleeding between periods or after intercourse, you must consult a doctor right away.

2. Leg pain. Some women who have cervical cancer may feel some leg pain during the early stages. It could also be accompanied by swelling. The pain is caused by the swelling cervix which obstructs the flow of blood. The pain could be a dull ache or an extremely sharp one. If it becomes uncomfortably painful, you may want to have yourself checked by a doctor.

3. Pelvic pain. Pelvic pain can be considered normal if it occurs during menstrual cycle but if it happens longer that it should, then you should already be alarmed.

4. Abnormal discharge. A woman’s discharge should not have a distinct, and very foul smell. It could be an indication that something is wrong and needs to be checked. While it may not necessarily mean cancer as there are other possible infections or condition, it is still best to get yourself examined.

5. Uncomfortable urination. Determining the presence of cervical cancer cells can also be indicated by the feeling of discomfort while urinating. It can be characterized by a stinging sensation when you urinate but it is not limited to this discomfort. There could be a number of urinating symptoms involved but this one still requires immediate care and attention of the doctor.


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