Different Types of Tongue And Know Their Meanings and Secret About Your Health

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When was the last time you visited your doctor? Did he ask you to open your mouth? Seeing your tongue indicates a lot of health conditions. Here are some of the things that you need to know regarding the look of your tongue


  • Bumpy Tongue

Relax! The bumps on your tongue are normal and almost everyone has this.

  • Leukoplakia (White Patches) in the Tongue

This kind of tongue is mostly seen in smokers. These white patches develop due to some irritants. These patches are painless at first yet people with this kind of tongue has a 5% risk of acquiring cancer. If you are non-smoker yet you have these patches on your tongue, there’s a possibility that you’ve rubbed your tongue too harshly on something. This just goes away on its own after two weeks but if not, consult your dentist.

  • Cottage Cheese White Tongue

This kind of tongue signifies that you have a yeast infection in the mouth. This condition is called thrush. It is caused by candida fungus which can affect not just your mouth but other parts of your body as well. Direct contact results to diaper rash in small babies and vaginal yeast infection for women.

  • Strawberry Red Tongue

This kind of tongue indicates vitamin deficiency, mostly vitamin B12, and iron.

  • Wrinkled Tongue

This kind of tongue normally appears as you age. Though normal and worry-free, you could still feel pain and experience bad breath if not taken cared off properly.

  • Black and Hairy Tongue

This kind of tongue usually occurs due to too much consumption of caffeinated drinks and too much smoking. Though not a health concern, it serves as a firm warning that you have a poor oral health.

  • Red Lesions in the Tongue

This type of tongue might be an indication of tongue cancer. Visit your doctor immediately if you have red lesions in your tongue.

  • Mouth Sores

Finally, mouth sores start to appear if you are under too much stress. This could be uncomfortable at first but will disappear after two weeks.

Now that you’ve known the meanings behind the appearance of your tongue, it is now time for you to do your things. Good oral health is still the best preventive measure against certain diseases associated with your tongue.


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