Common Actions That Show He Truly Loves You! Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Common actions that could be signs of true love.

Being married is one of the biggest chapters in life that could result into major changes. That’s why we are always advised to be sure of our decisions before entering into a commitment, especially before settling down with someone. Although there are laws like divorce and annulment, the trauma it may bring to both parties and to the kids is a serious factor that needs to be considered. A couple normally attends in a series of counseling before their wedding day, but these could not be enough. You, yourself, must determine if your soul is ready to be with the other soul for a lifetime journey. It’s not for formality sake, again I will reiterate, this is a significant aspect that requires attention.

The big question here is, how would you know if your partner truly loves you? They have provided certainly noticeable gestures to check if your partner is your soul mate or if his (or her) feelings are genuine. You just need to be extra sensitive of these actions or behavior.

  1. He/she thinks of different ways to make you satisfied in bed- We do not promote pre-marital sex here. For people who are in a commitment and who spend intimate moments with the person they love, your partner should also think of innovative ways to make you reach the climax. Apart from his own benefit, he must also be mindful of your happiness in these moments; that is one sign of true love.
  2. He/she will weigh options with you and come up with a mutual decision- This bullet suggests respect to the ideas of your partner. In certain situations, concealing things which should be treated as mutual is a sign of disrespect; hence, we can also conclude that it is a sign of betrayal.
  3. He/she trusts you from smallest to biggest circumstance- From your reason for not picking up the phone, to your reason why you went home late, trust is a valid sign of true love. It is perhaps one of the foundations of love, anyway.
  4. He/she express genuine care in times of despair- Is your partner always available in times that you need him? When you look at his eyes, do you see sincerity? If yes, then he truly loves you.
  5. He/she shows his love through actions- Buying presents, flowers, surprise parties, travel goals and other actions that express love is very important. They serve as fuel to the fire.
  6. He/she has open ears for your thoughts- Again, a relationship is composed of two people, therefore, in matters that need to be settled both parties, it must be mutual. If your partner does not care about your words at all, it might also be a sign that he does not love you anymore.
  7. He/she has the guts to tell the world about his feelings- Actions are better, but sometimes, simple words are sweeter. If your partner can boldly shout his heart out, then it must be genuine.
  8. He/she is willing to enter into your world and accept the person in it- Loving you is a “package deal. If the person truly loves you, he must also accept and love the people that you care about. Your world before him and the world that you both will create as you go on with your journey are full of people that should serve as your support system. Learn to accept them, as this is an effective metric if your partner’s heart is really meant for you or not.
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