Causes of Heart Attacks For Young Adults

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Statistics shows that more than a million Americans suffer heart attack and other related heart problems. A heart attack occurs when the heart muscles get damaged permanently.

Our heart muscles require oxygen-rich blood for nourishment and the arteries are the ones that supply it. If these arteries become narrowed, plaque deposits take place. When these plaque hardens, the outer shell will crack causing blood clots. When that happens, the fresh oxygen that your heart needs become insufficient, creating damages, Heart attack can then occur.

Heart attack don’t pick a certain age. It can still happen even if you are young just like the Filipino director, Wenn Deramas, who died due to a heart attack at the age of 49. Heart attack victims are getting younger every year. Here are the primary causes of heart attack, especially for younger people.
1. Consumption of unhealthy foods and improper lifestyle
Greater number of young adults are getting fond of eating fatty, too sweet and salty foods. They even smoke regularly and sleep late at night. Those things get you more prone to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
2. Use of illegal drugs including shabu, cocaine and ecstasy
Young adults ages 20 years and above are more prone to heart attacks because of the use of illegal drugs. Since the effects of these illegal drugs are high blood pressure and increased heartbeat, they become more prone to heart attacks.
3. Too much exercise
Regular and proper exercise is good but too much exercise might cause heart attacks. We’ve known a lot of athletes who died during their exercise routine. These cases are very rare but it can actually happen to abusive people.
4. Congenital Heart Disease
This disease is said to be “inborn”. People with these cases are born with heart defects.
• Pursue a healthy lifestyle. Avoid the use of illegal drugs and eat healthy foods.
• Even though you are physically fit, you should still see your doctor in case you experience difficulty in breathing and other signs and symptoms of possible heart.
• There’s also this “broken heart syndrome” that occurs when someone breaks up with their special someone. Sometimes, young adults might develop heart failures so it is just better to avoid getting too attached with your partners.
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