Beware Of This Potentially-Fatal Disease Transmitted By Dogs

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If you are somehow fond of dogs, you need to listen to this.

A fatal disease called Leishmaniasis (or otherwise known as ‘leishmaniosis’) is something you definitely should pay attention to. There have been reported cases not only in Syria and the Middle East but also in other western countries.

According to a report by the NationsPressPH website, “the main carriers of this disease are dogs, and then flies and ticks, and it causes open wounds, bleeding from the nose, difficulty swallowing and breathing.”

Leishmaniasis is divided into several types:

  1. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is the most common type. It causes an open sore at the bite spot which heals after a few months to a year and a half but leaves a “unpleasant-looking scar,” the site describes.
  2. Diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis creates “widespread skin lesions” which looks similar to that of a leprosy case. This disease may not heal on its own.
  3. Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis causes both skin and mucosal ulcers and primarily damages the mouth and the nose of the patient.
  4. Visceral leishmaniasis is the worst type and is possibly deadly if left untreated. Some of the consequences may include fever, damage to spleen and liver, and anemia.

As indicated earlier, dogs are usually the main carriers of the infectious disease. In addition, flies and other insects may likewise transfer them to humans so everyone really has to be very cautious.

Experts, however, clarify that it is impossible for humans to transmit it to one another – unless, theoretically, through blood transfusion.

The website emphasizes that the “greatest risk factor are stray dogs” and that while the disease can be treated, the treatment can be “long and difficult.”

As for the recommended preventive measures, individuals and families should 1) avoid stray dogs and 2) use nets treated with insecticide while sleeping.

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