AWFUL: A Guy Buried His Girlfriend in a Hollow for 8 Months Because of His Selfish Intention!

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Description: A very despairing situation of a lady who was buried for 8 months by her boyfriend was caught on video.


Romance is one of the most patronized genres, whether in television, big screen or books. Anyone can relate to every scene, because we all have our own stories of heartaches and moments of love. If you will check the box office, a number of movies, talk about great love stories, so as the most watched primetime dramas in the television history. Aside from the climax, what make every story exciting are the twists and turns of scenes.

Just like in an article featured by, wherein a man buried his girlfriend alive because he wanted to take possession of the girl’s wealth. In a news report by a blog site, Newshour, the tragic situation of the Tanzanian lady lasted for 8 months with no water and food. The man thought his girlfriend was dead, but good thing, she managed to survive.

The moral of the story is the importance of trust. It is very fragile that we need to be careful in giving it out. We should not be blinded by love because it can either make or put us in a very regretful situation.

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