Avoid These Worst Foods for Diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease that can strike just any person, from any walk of life. The sad news is that the number of people with diabetes just keeps on increasing and it is happening all around the world.

Diabetes is a condition wherein your body is no longer capable of releasing insulin. Insulin is the one that is responsible for converting sugar or glucose into energy. When this condition gets worse, it can result in further complication such as kidney failure, blindness, amputation and heart diseases.


When you have diabetes, you have to really be careful about your food choices, but it does not necessarily mean that you really have to deprive yourself or you have to starve. You just have to make sure that you eat everything in moderation.

But there are also certain types of food which are good for you and a few ones that you really have to avoid completely, if you do not want your condition to get worse. You do not want unwanted calories and sugar to cause blood sugar spikes when you have diabetes.

So to help you make the right choices for your diet, here are some of the food that you should avoid.

1. Candies. Candies are sweet and that is because they contain high amount of sugar. And aside from the fact that they lack nutritional value, they can make you gain unnecessary weight and can result in spikes in your blood sugar. If you want to eat something sweet, you can substitute candies with fresh fruits instead.

2. Nachos. Who hates nachos? It is one of everybody’s favorites! It is perfect as an appetizer but can also be your main meal. However, when you try to look into its nutritional value, it is easy to see how it can overly contain carbs, calories and fat.

3. Cakes and pastries. For people with sweet tooth, it is hard to resist the pretty-looking cakes and pastries in the bakeshop. However, these goodies are undeniably loaded with sugar and a whole lot of preservatives.

4. Whole milk. While milk should be good for teeth and bones, not all types of milk are friendly to diabetes patients. Even the dairy products which contain whole milk. When choosing your milk, go for the non-fat or low fat labelled.


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