10 Harmful Foods Made In China That You Should Avoid

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China is well known for its products and services distributed all over the world. But they are well known not because they produce the best and high-quality products, instead they are known to produce counterfeits, fake and low-quality products.
It is therefore very important to take note some of the less known illegal foods from China which is currently rampant all around the world.

1. Imitation Eggs
You’ve read it right! Some Chinese individuals are earning more than enough just by selling imitation eggs. Some are even offering step-by-step video on how to create these fake eggs which can be sold for more or less $70. These individuals are gaining something while harming other people. The chemicals present in these eggs are Calcium Chloride, Alginic Acid, Gelatin, artificial color and Potassium Alum are all very harmful to a person’s health because it induces memory loss and dementia.

2. Walnuts loaded with cement
Just image yourself eating your favorite walnuts then finding out that it is filled with concrete pieces. I’m sure you will feel totally disgusted. That’s exactly the same feeling a man from Zhengzhou city, China had to experience after buying walnuts loaded with cement last 2012.

3. Made of Pork Instead of Beef
Since pork in China is less inexpensive, some restaurant use fake beef to be sold to their customers. They are using glazing agent that causes slow poisoning, cancer and physical deformities.

4. Fake green peas
These beans are made from snow peas and soy beans which was then added with green dye and a chemical used as a preservative and bleach, sodium metabisulfite. Fake beans induces cancer and lessen the ability to absorb calcium in you body.

5. Baby Formula
This fake product mainly targets infants and children. Baby Formula is made from chalk which is very harmful to the health of those young people. It induces “big head disease”, the swelling of heads and slow deterioration of the body.

6. Industrial salt instead of table salt
Instead of table salt, some Chinese people sell industrial salt. This kind of salt causes mental and physical illness.

7. Black Pepper made from mud
Some vendors in China confessed into selling mud made from solely black pepper because they think it won’t kill or affect the health of other people who consume it.

8. Fake Potato Noodles
It is made from corn instilled with industrial ink and industrial wax.

9. Fake Ginseng
Ginseng is a medicinal plant that offers abundant medicinal advantages. Since ginseng is becoming very popular in China, sellers are looking for some ways to make larger profit. They boil ginseng roots into sugar, making it heavier than normal.

10. Plastic Rice
Plastic Rice is very rampant in China and were even able to get exported to other countries. The long term effect of this food is cancer.

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